Massive network of genuine amateur porn sites

Massive network of genuine amateur porn sites

Your pass to a network of true amateur smut

So this is where all the proper amateur porn is. This is a huge network and it gets added to every day. Scroll down for the full story.

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tickWhat we like -

It's huge and updates daily. Real amateur content

crossWhat we don't like -

Not many. Maybe some of the old stuff isn't going to light your fire.

Pricing -

I got you a special deal. You can join for 30 days for just $17.95
Or 90 days for $39.95
Or a whole year for $69.95

Don't be put off by the dated design

Chick Pass might not be the most inspiring name for a porn site and that first impression might be confirmed when first seeing the tour page. But don't judge a book by its cover (or its name) and don't judge this website either, before you've seen what it has to offer.

What we have here is a massive amount of proper amateur porn. Over 8000 videos of it. If you've been thiknig in the last few years, "I'm tired of all these fake pornstars with fake tits and fake lips and fake orgasms, where are all the real girls? Where did all the amateur stuff go?" Well it's right here. It's a network of 22 different amateur sites run by amateurs themselves. And don't worry that it must be all old stuff rehashed to try and fool you - it's not. It gets updated every day with new videos. New videos shot in HD or 4K. Yes that's right you can watch a decent number of 4K videos in this network so you can see all the warts, moles, wrinkles and shaving rashes right up close in full detail.

Chick Pass started out with a couple who were into swinging and through this they met a lot of other girls and couples to have sex with. This ended up with them filming the sex and making a porn site out of it (with full permission of all the participants of course). So now they look for true amateurs all over, who want to make porn movies with them. Proper girl-next-door types that you will never have seen before. Well, unless you actually do live next door to one of these girls-next-door. In which case can you get me the number of that cute blonde one in the little blue mini dress? She seems well up for some fun.

What's inside this network?

That's the main Chick Pass Amateurs site but there are another 21 sites included. One of them is Stuff In Twats, which involves stuff being put in twats. You see, that's why you are reading this review, so you can get expert insights into things like this. Otherwise how would you know? Well those videos mainly feature vibrators being stuffed in twats but there are other things going on (or in) and watching girls put things in themselves is right up there as one of the more pleasurable things in life.

There's another site called TandA Redheads. Now that's really my cup of tea. Just lemme at 'em! Except I did notice one or two girls in there who didn't seem to be redheads in any way, at least not if you don't count brown as a shade of red. If it were up to me I'd kick them out - not out of my bed, you understand - just out of that section of the network.

Other sites are Bouncy Chicks if you're into the well stacked up kind of girl, TandA Lesbians, Fucking Parties which I probably don't need to explain, and....hell why not just go look for yourself? It's all there on the tour page.

Being an amateur porn site that's been going for many years you'd expect it all to be a bit clunky when you try to actually use it but this is not the case. The search function works really well, and you can filter by lots of tags and categories. Most of the videos are in full HD or 4K but it has to be said that there is some older stuff in SD. As for the actual camera quality, well Taylor and Logan the couple who started it all have gotten pretty good over the years. Of course it's amateur so don't expect high production values here.

What's the score?

Do I recommend this? Sure I do, for the sheer amount of content and the fact that most of it is geneuinely of amateurs doing porn.

Quality: 75%
Value: 95%
Total: 88%

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Reviewed 24th Jun 2022 by Red

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