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What is ThePornCollection about?

At ThePornCollection.com we want to bring you all the best porn sites we can find, both free and premium. But it's a mammoth task. A truly vast undertaking. A monumental challenge. Do you know how many there are out there? It takes months to review them all. And that's what we've been doing for the last, oh, many many months. Years even. So that we can present our results, our hard grafted considered opinions, on all the links you see here. Of course you can see that we arrange everything into different categories to make it easy for you to choose what to visit. You will find that we like to put the most popular sites near the top of each category, with the less well known ones at the bottom. These could be those websites with a more unusual type of content, websites that are new, or just ones that aren't up to the standard of the most popular ones but still worth including.

If you just want to check out each website then it's simple - the link is right there. If you want to learn more and see how we scored it, click on the magnifying glass icon to read the review and see a list of similar or related sites.

Why should I bookmark this porn list?

There is a lot of porn out there on the internet. We all know this. But a huge amount of it is just a waste of your time. Poor quality, low resolution, fake orgasms, fake cum, you name it. Ask yourself, do you want to spend your leisure time searching for the best quality porn, like searching for a needle in a haystack? No of course you don't. You need to know where to go to find the smut you're looking for. It's no good using a search engine because at the end of the day, a machine program cannot tell good quality porn from bad. So you need a resource that tells you what is worth clicking on and what is not. A resource that has already spent the time compiling the best list of adult sites so all you have to do is decide which ones to visit.

Do you have paid porn site reviews?

Yes, we try to review all the porn paysites we can find. Our porn reviews are written by a team of experts who know what to look for in a good quality porn site. We assess whether these paysites are worth spending your money on. When you consider that you can join a family streaming service and watch a different movie every night, for less than ten bucks a month, paying $30 or more for an adult paysite seems a lot. So that site had better be worth it! Fortunately there are a number of huge premium network sites you can join for a low price where you can find all the adult content you could want. We review these along with providing smaller niche paysite reviews.

How can I trust your porn reviews?

It's true that we may make some commission from some of the premium porn site links we display. But that doesn't influence our opinion on the quality of that site because we list so many of them. It doesn't matter if we have to mark down the score for one site which is obviously not worth joining because that means we can point you in the direction of the ones which are. Since our tastes in adult material are varied, you can be sure that when we see something which is high in quality, we can appreciate how much you will enjoy it and give it an appropriate score. Unlike some other porn review sites, we don't give an artificially high mark to mediocre pornsites in the hope that we will persuade you to waste your money joining it. That way, you know you can trust what we tell you and therefore when you're looking for something new you can come back here and feel safe in choosing from our porn list collection.

What about adverts?

We don't place any adverts on ThePornCollection.com. We also don't use pop-ups or pop-unders - you know, those annoying pages that appear when you click on something on a page forcing your browser to open a new window. We try to make sure we don't list any other sites that do this too. Rest assured, if a site does something bad in your browser, like automatically redirecting to something else after a few seconds, it does not go in our collection. However, with so many sites now using pop-ups, we can't refuse to list all of them otherwise we'd end up with a very small porn directory!

The best porn list

We aim to make this website one of the top lists of porn you can find. This takes a lot of time and effort - and indeed money - so if you like what you see you can help out by sharing our website address wherever you can. After all everyone needs to know about good porn, right? Almost everyone in the world watches online porn these days so let's make sure they're watching the right stuff.

What about privacy?

We only use first party cookies on this website. Continued use of this website is deemed to be an acceptance of the placement of a cookie.

What this means is, your browser will store a small piece of text which only this website has access to, and we only use it to count how many unique visitors we get. There is nothing in it that can identify you. The cookies you need to worry about are third party ones. These can be placed by the domains that host adverts on other websites. If that same advert appears again on another site, then the domain that hosts the advert can tell that you visited both sites, then they can use this info to build up a picture of the kind of sites you visit and use that to display ads for things they think you will be interested in. But we do not have any third party ads here so you don't have to worry about that.

Why haven't you got my pornsite here?

Probably because you didn't tell us about it. If you think it's good enough to be here, send us a message via the 'contact us' link below. If it really is as good as you think it is we would be glad to include it.

If there are other sites that you think should be here but aren't, then feel free to email us and tell us about them. Or if there's a category you'd like to see tell us about that too. ThePornCollection is always expanding because there are always going to be pornsites we need to tell you about, either to avoid the bad ones or spend your valued time on the good ones.